separable connector中文什么意思

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  • 可拆式插接器


  1. Bushing for separable accessories for power cable with protruding cone ; u up to 36 kv , dimensions of the arrangement for bushings and separable connectors
    带有伸出锥体的动力电缆可分附件套. um在36kv以下.套
  2. Standard for manually - operated dead - front padmounted switchgear with load interrupting switches and separable connectors for alternating - current systems
  3. G ws epox quality process uses time - proven cibageigy 229 epoxy resin to assure a void - free , extremely durable system impervious to environmental contamination . the rugged epoxy interfaces minimize the breaking force required for removing separable connectors compared to rubber - to - rubber junctions
    G w电缆分接母排使用epox技术,并选用技术成熟的ciba - geigy229环氧树脂,确保所用材料无空隙,经久耐用,能防止环境的侵蚀。


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