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  • 服务俱乐部


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  1. This was not like some community service club
  2. Andra skeen : marietta comes at least once a month . we talk about philosophical issues . it ' s also a community service club
  3. Lions ciubs international is the world s largest service club organisation with nearly 1 . 4 million members in about 46 , 000 clubs in 193 countries and regions
    国际狮子会是全球最大的社会服务组织,会员人数多达140万,分别来自193个国家及地区46 , 000个分会。
  4. 080 hair . nail spa club , the first and comprehensive professional hair design and spa services club located in city center of guangzhou start her journey in october 2006
  5. In order to repay them , i joined the community service club at my school - where like - minded students go out to convalescent homes to serenade and entertain lonely elders


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