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  • (员工以持股分红作为工资的)股份制经济。
  • share:    n. 犁头;犁铧;(播种机等的)刃 ...
  • economy:    n. 1.经济。 2.节约。 3.( ...
  • a share:    a股; a种股票; 股股票(持有者没 ...


  1. The efficiency of making use of economic resources in china is low , and one of the most important reasons about economic performance is that the national industry exists many defects , such as the low economic level of scale , the whole character of business enterprise not getting to increase with product construction over a long period of time , the small business enterprise increasing blindly , which causes the bargain of times increase and the trade expenses rise unduly , the lower degree of profession and cooperation , many more types of business enterprises , but lack of cooperation with the related and large business enterprises in the production , operation etc , so being difficult to take advantage of and share economy scale with big business enterprise ; the bad market performance and so on
    中国经济发展中资源利用效率低,而经济效益低下的一个重要原因是国有工业发展中存在许多缺陷:规模经济水平不高,企业整体素质和产品结构长期得不到提高,小企业盲目增加,导致交易次数不适当地增多,交易费用上升;生产专业化协作程度较低, “大而全” 、 “小而全”的全能型企业大量存在,但缺乏与相关大型骨干企业在生产、经营等方面的协作,难以分享大企业规模经济的好处;市场运作绩效差等。


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