sheet iron中文什么意思

发音:   用"sheet iron"造句
  • sheet:    n. 【航海】 1.缭绳;帆脚索。 ...
  • iron:    n. 1.铁。 2.铁器,铁制品;小 ...
  • iron sheet:    铁皮; 铁片
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  1. Oven pipes , sheet iron ware or sheet metal works are only some things , which belong to the area of activity of wilhelm schmidt & sohn gmbh & co . kg
  2. Press schneidebetrieb poerschke gmbh co kg offers you pertinent information by telephone for the ranges sheet metals , thick sheet iron and products of steel in addition to rolled steel
    Press schneidebetrieb poerschke gmbh co kg是一家现代化的、可靠的产品供应商,这家供应商从事钢板、铁皮、镀锡薄板,厚板、厚钢板、板(材) ,钢制产品,轧制钢、轧材的制造、销售。
  3. " edohana " has developed into 5 chain stores and enjoys the well - known japan style sheet iron fever by supreme quality , guest ' s supreme management idea during the past 15 years in american . " edohana " combines eastern and western dining culture , forms its unique cooking style , is deeply comed in usa
    饭店介绍: “江卢花铁板烧”以其品质至上、宾客至尊的经营理念,在美国15年内,发展成了有5家连锁店并享有一定知名度的日式铁板烧。
  4. The economic success of alcan deutschland gmbh is coined / shaped by products and service services such as sheet metals , section sheets of aluminium , aluminium sheets in addition to sheet iron ware , metals and aluminium alloys . one can even receive offers on cold extruded parts , colour aluminium , light alloys and rolling products as well as on packing plates with alcan deutschland gmbh in outstanding quality
    Alcan deutschland gmbh是一家令客户满意的工业型企业,该企业生产杰出的铝薄板,铝型材,钢板、铁皮、镀锡薄板,白铁制品、板件、冲压件,色铝,金属,冷挤压构件,轻金属,轧材、轧制成品,铝合金。


  1. plate iron thinner than tank iron


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