shoddy product中文什么意思

发音:   用"shoddy product"造句
  • 冒牌货
  • shoddy:    adj. 1.长弹毛的;软再生毛的。 ...
  • product:    n. 1.产物,产品;制品;产量;出 ...
  • shoddy building:    偷工减料的建筑物


  1. Answer : this shop belongs to those who sell shoddy product to violate act
  2. But when customers find out that a manufacturer produces only inferior or shoddy products that cheat them out of their money , they may become so angry that they will never purchase another of their products
  3. By right of its powerful brand influence and popular enthusiasm , it became a great success , not only in the participation by some good - famed auto supplies manufacturers , but also in the correct guidance of consumption , great reduction of use rate of counterfeit and shoddy products , and promotion of healthy development of automotive after - market in shenzhen


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