sick headache中文什么意思

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  • sick:    vt. 追击;攻击;(纵狗)追击;〔 ...
  • headache:    头痛;头痛的事 (cause [gi ...
  • be sick:    恶心, 呕吐
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  1. Princess marya , foreseeing no end to it , was the first to get up , and complaining of a sick headache , she began saying good - night
  2. In the afternoon she expressed some anxiety , for georges , directly after leaving the table , had complained of a heavy feeling in his head and now seemed in for an atrocious sick headache
  3. Said mme hugon . " he was anxious to consult old doctor tavernier , who never goes out now , on the subject of his sick headaches . yes , you were not up , as he went off before seven o clock
    于贡太太连声说道, “他已决定去找塔韦尼埃老大夫看偏头痛,他已不出诊了是的,七点钟前他就动身了,那时你们还没有起床呢。
  4. Among all her guests the old lady spared only count muffat and georges . the count , who said he had serious business in orleans , could certainly not be running after the bad woman , and as to georges , the poor child was at last causing her grave anxiety , seeing that every evening he was seized with atrocious sick headaches which kept him to his bed in broad daylight


  1. a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men
    同义词:migraine, megrim, hemicrania
  2. a headache accompanied by nausea


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