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  1. Similarity analysis shows that some results were incongruent with the traditional taxonomy , e . g
  2. For gene expression similarity analysis , we find that there tends to be higher correlations among co - regulated genes when transcription - rate - based correlations are used compared to those based on transcript amounts
    我们运用了cho等人的酵母细胞周期mrna量以及wang等人的酵母mrna降解率。在基因相似性研究中,通过数据库, young等人的chipchip数据,我们可以得到共调控基因。
  3. It can show significant difference between normal flows and attack flows in the correlation , which offers a new method to analyze the correlation in anomaly detection . the second analysis method is multi - similarity analysis of network charact - eristics
  4. Three methods , namely , community species composition similarity analysis , community composition similarity analysis , and community characteristic similarity analysis , were employed to study the similarity of insect pest - natural enemy communities of three rice types ( early rice , middle - season rice and late rice ) and their three development stages ( tilling stage , boot stage and milk stage ) in the yangtze - huaihe region of anhui province
  5. Thirdly , on account of the poor reality that the full fault patterns of hv circuit breaker is difficult to establish due to lack of raw data , an alternate method , namely similarity analysis ( sa ) , is proposed . the basic idea of sa is comparing the data of condition to be assessed with the data of working condition
    ( 3 )在目前断路器运行数据缺乏,完善的故障模式难以建立的情况下,提出一种基于比较与分析运行状态与正常状态之间的相似程度的断路器运行状态辨识方法? ?相似性分析。


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