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  • 相似律
  • similarity:    n. 1.类似,相像,相似。 2.类 ...
  • rule:    n. 1.规则,规定;法则,定律;章 ...
  • by rules:    依据条例


  1. Von kormon ' s transonic similarity rule
  2. Finally , shot detection from compressed video , based on dc image and motion parameters , is analyzed in detail ; 3 ) a spatio - temporal shot similarity rule is proposed to cluster video shots into video scenes , and fuzzy - clustering method for key frame extraction from video scenes is also given
    最后,详细分析了基于dc图像和运动参数的压缩域镜头检测方法; c )提出了一种时-空融合的镜头相似性判断规则,用于将镜头聚类为场景;同时,还给出了通过模糊聚类实现场景中关键帧自动提取的方法。
  3. Secondly , a study of one kind of composite soil nailing , that is , a combination of soil nails with waterproof cement - soil mixing pile wall , was carried out by laboratory model test , the retaining structures were modeled according to a similarity rule that geometric length of the structure is in inverse proportion to deformation duration of the structure and the staged excavation and retaining was carried out during experiment to simulate actual construction procedures in situ
    其次,通过模型试验研究了土钉与水泥土桩联合支护型式的变形、破坏形态以及作用原理。试验模型箱为无盖六面箱体,内空净尺寸长宽高为3 . 4m 1 . 0m 2 . 0m ,试验填料为重塑土,土钉采用硬质铝管。


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