situated learning中文什么意思

发音:   用"situated learning"造句
  • 情境学习
  • situated:    adj. 1.位于…的,坐落在…的 ...
  • learning:    n. 学,学习;学问,学识;专门知识 ...
  • be situated:    位於


  1. Constructivists believe in random access instruction , situated learning , scaffolding instruction and cooperative learning . we propose principles of constructive teaching design based on theory of constructivism
  2. K . huang , k . wang , & s . y . chiu ( 2000 ) . the situated learning model for the first - year computer science majors . to be presented in the international conference on educational uses of information
    黄国鸿、王国华、邱守榕( 2000 )以参与实务社群为主之情境化学习环境的设计与应用,技专校院与校外学习型组织建立教育伴关系国际研讨会。
  3. In this type of learning ? constructivist or situated learning , reinforcement is the internal satisfaction that comes from understanding new activities i . e . the apprentice is able to adapt existing knowledge structures to the new task and build on that knowledge to shape a greater more complex understanding
  4. The author elaborates autonomous learning categories , such as brainstorming , role - play , case studies , situated learning and so on . then the author designs a synthetical e - learning model that includes establishing unit objectives , problem driven ; creating situation , learning method instruction ; self exploring , discovering problem ; collaborative inquiry in group , communication among group ; teacher instructing , communication on web ; solving problems , constructing meaning ; forming works ; summary and evaluation
  5. The development of constructivism and situated learning and cognition call for " do mathematics " . the problems which lie in the theoretical study and practice imply the necessary , importance and urgence of problem solving study . in chapter 2 , we focus our attention on the theoretical study of problem solving in the past 20 years in usa , and try to find important clues from their opinions and methods
    数学观念的发展,也在召唤一种数学教学观念、方法的转变; 20世纪80年代后期在西方兴起的建构主义及其相关的情境认知与学习理论对传统的学习与教学改革带来许多有益的启示,一种与传统数学学习与教学不同的“做数学”的理念已经深入人心。


    Situated learning was first proposed by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger as a model of learning in a community of practice. At its simplest, situated learning is learning that takes place in the same context in which it is applied.


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