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  1. The distribution of fire smoke temperature , concentration , and visibility was analyzed ; and the airflow movement organization of the shallow embedded island platform during fire was studied
  2. By using a zone model , simulates the behaviour of smoke temperature , height , volume fraction of co changing with time under different smoke control and extraction conditions in the station and introduces three critical conditions as a criterion for judging the effects of different smoke control and extraction methods
    摘要运用区域模型模拟车站内不同防排烟工况下烟气温度、高度、 co体积分数随时间的变化规律,以三项危险临界条件是否实现作为衡量防排烟效果的判据。
  3. This article aims at the boiler ' s problems in operation : 1 ) under nominal load , the smoke temperature at the outlet of hearth reaches 1200 , far more exceeds 1050 the original designed temperature . this will always result in slag inside boiler and the temperature of overheater ' s pipe superheat , so that boiler cannot take nominal load and all these influence boiler ' s nomal operation heavily , 2 ) this article also studied the reason why the assistant oil becoming necessary when coal changes . during the nomal operation , many factors ( makeup of combustor and its disposal , smirch and encrust of water wall , excessive air coefficient , temperature of primary air , coal type and density of coal dust ) can deviate the designed working conditions , then affect the boiler ' s nomal operation
    本文针对该锅炉在实际运行中存在的问题:在额定负荷下,炉膛出口超温、低温段过热器前烟温高达936 ,远远超过815的设计值;喷燃器四周水冷壁结焦严重,过热器管壁温度超标,无法带上额定负荷;甚至有时因燃煤质量的变化,必须投油助燃的严重情况进行了分析研究。在实际生产过程中,燃烧器的结构、布置,水冷壁的粘污、结垢,过剩空气系数、一次风温、煤种及其浓度变化等许多因素都会偏离锅炉的设计工况,从而影响炉内的传热和燃烧,造成炉膛出口超温、水冷壁结渣等问题。
  4. Based on the mechanism analysis and ai technique , an optimization and decision - making model about operating parameters and an on - line simulation and detection model in the copper matte blowing process are built . a model to forecast the copper - making end point is also built by using smoke temperature in a factory . on the research mentioned above , the intelligent decision support system of the operation - optimization is developed
    在上述研究基础上,开发了铜锍吹炼炉优化操作智能决策支持系统,将其应用于生产实践,使粗铜产量提高了6 . 0 ,冷料处理量提高了7 . 8 ,炉衬寿命由原来的213炉提高到235炉,提高了10 . 3 。


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