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  1. 1 projection method : we project the solar image from a telescope to a screen and we observe the sunlight reflected from the screen
  2. Solar images can be obtained by four telescopes at 13 . 0nm , 17 . 1nm , 30 . 4nm and 19 . 5nm respectively . it is important for calibration of eut in orbit selecting a proper spectrum line
  3. Some preliminary conclusions of making better image quality are obtained by observing some effects of climate conditions on quality of solar image during spectral observations . they are : ( 1 ) quality of imaging to be better when the wind stops or weaken suddenly during the wind blows continuously ; ( 2 ) if the wind blows at the whole night and it is fine day in the next morning , then the image quality will be better than before . ( 3 ) the image quality is getting fine in short time after the cloudy . ( 4 ) the good solar image to be formed under the condition of a beginning of fine day after the cloudy or raining days
    在多年的太阳光谱观测中,通过观察各种天气条件的变化对光谱仪成像质量的影响,初步总结出使像质优良的几条规律: 1 )在连续刮风过程中当风突然停止或减弱的短暂时间内像质明显变好; 2 )当夜间通宵有风而次日天气晴朗时像质变好; 3 )多云过后的短暂晴天成像优良; 4 )接连阴雨几天后的开始晴天像质较好。
  4. The durations of good imaging within a fixed year are preliminarily obtained by statistical analysis of imaging quality obtained from spectral observations in 1982 with the horizontal spectrograph installed at the yunnan observatory . the results show that in the autumn , september and august , a good image is usually available . for a daytime , there are two time intervals during which the solar image is relatively better than other time , one is in the morning 2 3 hours after the sunrise ; another in the afternoon 3 4 hours before the sunset , and it lasts about 0 . 5 1 . 0 hours for each
    通过对云台水平式太阳光谱仪1982年太阳光谱观测中的成像质量情况统计分析,初步得到光谱仪一年中成像质量优良的时间在秋夏9月和8月份;一天内有两次像质优良的时间,上、下午各有一次,分别在日出后2 3小时和日落前3 4小时各有半小时到1小时左右的时间。


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