spatial vector中文什么意思

发音:   用"spatial vector"造句
  • 空间向量


  1. The paper analyzes the structure of grass ' s vector files and several basic indexes " methods for spatial data . lt also compares the characteristics of the postgis , peegree , openmap , etc . on the other hand , mis paper researches the spatial vector data index arithmetic
  2. In the paper , the principle and actualizing means of spatial vector control have been systemically discussed and the control software has also been designed . the magnitude of both the rotor flux and the current in torque component have been estimated by using a flux observer , which is developed based on field orientation control principle . the results show that the observer has a good feature due to its speed being calculated without speed sensor or additional hardware
  3. The main technical module of processing gis spatial information of land desertification is designed , which can carry out the spatial overlay of vector data in three periods , extract as well as process attributative information and transform the spatial vector data into visualizing data . the gis database of land desertification is established


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