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  • 程控交换机


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  1. General specification for power supply system of spc exchange
  2. Spc exchange fundamentals
  3. R & d and manufacture of spc exchanges and innovative components and devices have reached a certain scale and level
    城市彩电普及率已达每百户1008台,农村电视机普及率达到每百户70台以上(其中彩电普及率达每百户27 . 2台) 。
  4. This is a clever use of n - isdn , which is technologically rather mature . in addition , today s spc exchanges mostly provide such a function
    N - isdn在技术上已非常成熟,而且现在的程控交换机基本上都具备了这项功能。
  5. All these changes took place after the first spc exchange was put into service in the capital in 1984 , enabling the use of pcm circuits for local trunks


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