special atmosphere中文什么意思

发音:   用"special atmosphere"造句
  • 特殊空气


  1. Moreover , the classical music and european painting add the special atmosphere for the hotel . in addition , the hotel also sets free parking equipment and others
  2. On friday , may 10 , the sisters and brothers on the working teams combined their efforts , and all arrangements went smoothly , supported by master s love and grace in the special atmosphere of the florida center
  3. Each sunday , disciples quietly gather for group meditation , after which they can stay in the kitchen area to have lunch , talk to visitors or merely enjoy the special atmosphere of the center , before returning to the world and its heavy demands
  4. The system of vpi equipment mainly includes vacuum chamber , heating unit , worktable with its drive unit , vacuum pumping unit , gas - charge unit and control unit , etc . this equipment would meet the need of al or cu matrix composites prepared by pressureless infiltration or vacuum infiltration in a high vacuum or special atmosphere


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