speculative transaction中文什么意思

发音:   用"speculative transaction"造句
  • 投机交易


  1. An analysis on the effect of futures speculative transaction on steadiness of spotmarket and its benefit
  2. When big currencies fluctuate , it is vulnerable to speculative transactions that take little account of economic fundamentals
  3. China ' s securities market is also a new and developing market , it is now existed the following problems , powerful speculative transaction , inside transaction , false packing , national stock listing circulation and market supervision and management & securities market laws and regulations , so it remains to be perfected , it is an important issues faced for china ' s securities how to specify and develop china ' s securities market , especially , after china joins in wto successfully , the door of china ' s securities market has been opened , accession foreign - funded securities company can be expected soon , stockjobber ' s operation in china will be directly threatened , undoubtedly , this is an enormous challenge for china ' s securities market


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