square measure中文什么意思

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  • 平方单位制,面积量度单位。
  • square:    n. 1.正方形,四方块,四角;方形 ...
  • measure:    n. 1.尺寸,尺度,量,分量;【数 ...
  • square measure scale:    面积比


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  1. Square measuring instrument
  2. Deodorization effect is high . because oxidization effect has large touchable square measure , it can handle a large number of odor effectly
  3. To square the circle ( math . ) , to determine the exact contents of a circle in square measure . the solution of this famous problem is now generally admitted to be impossible
  4. The factors which affect the spl : the square measure of diaphragm , the amplitude of vibration , magnetic field intensity , power , impedance , resonant chamber , the pattern and the thickness of diaphragm , and the holes
  5. We need to know the importance of big , mature trees , because living space for most of man ' s fellow creatures on this planet is figured not only in square measure of surface but also in cubic volume above the earth


  1. a system of units used to measure areas
    同义词:area unit


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