starred form中文什么意思

发音:   用"starred form"造句
  • 用星号标明的形式(如历史比较语言学中构拟的形式)
  • starred:    adj. 〔构成复合词〕 1.用星装 ...
  • form:    n. 1.形态;形状;样子,外貌;【 ...
  • evil-starred:    adj. 不幸的。


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  1. @ all the stars form a circle around you and i
  2. All the stars form a circle around you and i
  3. Such a device would look back at the early universe to the time when large - scale structures such as galaxies and stars formed
  4. The galaxy ' s central region is called the galactic bulge because the stars form a ball a few thousand light years in diameter that extends above and below the disk of the galaxy
  5. This breath - taking view spans about 13 degrees across the center of the well - known constellation with the great orion nebula , the closest large star forming region , just right of center


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