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  • adj.


  1. Submaxillary salivary gland
  2. Epidermal growth factor ( eof ) , a single - chain polypeptide of 53 - amino acid , which was firstly isolated from the submaxillary gland of mice in 1962 , has wide potent applications
    人表皮生长因子( hegf )是从人尿中提取的由53个氨基酸组成的小分子活性多肽,是促进细胞增殖和分化至关重要的生长因子。
  3. After administrated for successive 10 days , mice were anesthetized by sodium phenobarbital , carried out heart perfusion 30min with 2 % paraformaldehyde , then extracted hippocampus and submaxillary gland , made frozen sections
    连续灌胃给药10天后,苯巴比妥钠麻醉小鼠,用2多聚甲醛心脏灌流固定30ndn ,取出海马和颌下腺,做冰冻切片。
  4. So we observed the effect of xas on ability of learning and memory in normal mice and in mice with memory deficits , and detected the activity of ache in hippocampus and ngf in submaxillary gland to discuss mechanism of action of this medicine
  5. Owing to the common expression of egf in various organs of mouse , it could be deduced that the role of egf was mainly autocrine and paracrine actions , and its endocrine role was also not excluded owing to its high expression abundance in submaxillary gland
    由于egf在小鼠各器官中表达的普遍性,可以推测egf的作用以旁分泌和自分泌作用为主,但它在颌下博士学位论文“ tnegfalelittin ”嵌合基因构建及有关基因重组表达的研究等器官中的高表达表明其也具有内分泌作用。


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