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  1. Varivec propeller designed in the paper is prepared for the model machining and succedent experiment
  2. Houses numbered 2 , 5 , 8 , and 11 are called the succedent houses . this is where you develop administer , and enjoy the things you start in the angular houses
  3. Trap density is calculated and found to depend on trap level energy in a power law relationship , which proves the correctness of the investigated leakage current mechanism and contributes to the succedent investigation of film fabrication
  4. In this thesis , the scheme of emergent control of power system is firstly put forward in accordance with the theory of hybrid system on the base of analyzing the hybrid character of power system . this scheme provides specific framework for the succedent chapters
  5. Firstly the feasibility of building community lan have demonstrated ; secondly stream model of internal network determined in nature , at the same time the selected hardware project are analyzed . what ' s mentioned above will be the base of the succedent discussion


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