suspension point中文什么意思

发音:   用"suspension point"造句
  • 悬挂点
  • suspension:    n. 1.悬吊,悬挂;悬垂;悬架吊架 ...
  • point:    n. 1.尖头,尖端;尖头器具;〔美 ...
  • point of suspension:    悬点; 悬吊点; 悬挂点


  1. Although the join - structure increases the redundancy ability and enhances the security when maglev train runs at high speed , the two suspension points on the same join - structure coupled closely
  2. When the join - structure is suspended , suspension state message between the two suspension points should be exchanged and the digital suspension controller will communicate with the sensor . this function is realized by rs - 485 serial communication
    在对搭接结构进行悬浮控制时,两个悬浮点之间需要实时交换状态信息,并且传感器与数字悬浮控制器之间也要传输数据,两类信息交换是通过rs - 485串行通信来实现的。
  3. The experiment result shows that the control method designed in the dissertation can ensure the steady suspension of the join - structure . when there is something wrong with one suspension point on a join - structure , the variation of suspension clearance of the other is only about 0 . 8mm . it manifests that this method can achieve the join - structure ’ s redundancy function
    本文最后在原理型搭接装置上进行了悬浮控制实验,实验结果表明:文中所设计的控制方法能够实现原理型搭接装置的稳定悬浮,而且搭接装置上的一个点出现故障时,另一个点的悬浮间隙最大增加量仅为0 . 8mm左右,由此说明该方法能够确保搭接结构冗余功能的实现。
  4. It is difficult to ensure the steady suspension of the join - structure if the control method of the two suspension points is designed independently , so the coupling force between the two points must be taken into account . in this dissertation , the model of the join - structure is built . the model is decoupled and linearized by differential geometry method


  1. (usually plural) one of a series of points indicating that something has been omitted or that the sentence is incomplete


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