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  • sympathetic:    adj. 1.同情的,有同情心的,表 ...
  • vibration:    n. 1.振动,颤动;摆动;【物理学 ...
  • vibrations:    生命因你重燃; 振动
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  1. The sympathetic vibration of a circuit to a signal
  2. In the during , the cultivation of the students " creative thought must keep the following principles : firstly , the one of the activation of information , secondly , the one of the sympathetic vibration of wisdom , thirdly , the one of the combination between the emanative thought and the aggregate thought , fourthly , the one of self - inspiration . if you are able to grasp such four principles , then you can carry your reading on , and improve your level of the creative thought gradually
  3. Some conclusions are drawn : 1 ) effect of inertial force from superstructures on the lateral seismic response of single pile can not be ignored ; 2 ) the lateral seismic response of single pile induced by far - field earthquake are mainly affected by acceleration mass of superstructure > site eigenperiod . it increases with the increment of accele ration and mass of superstructure . as the site characteristic frequency approaches the self - oscillation frequency of the pile , sympathetic vibration occurs and the value of lateral seismic response reaches maximum ; 3 ) as the stiffness ratio of pile to soil increase , the relative displacement of pile to soil increases ; 4 ) the lateral seismic response of fixed - head pile is much smaller than that of free - head pile
    将其解析解与具体的的抗震设防烈度和场地特征周期结合起来,计算分析了成层地基中单桩的横向地震响应,得到了以下结论: 1 )上部结构惯性力对桩的横向地震响应的影响不可忽略; 2 )成层地基中的单桩的横向地震响应主要受地震基本加速度、场地特征周期、上部结构质量的影响,随地震基本加速度、上部结构质量的增大而增大;场地特征频率越接近桩基自振频率,桩基地震响应越大,等于自振频率时,由于发生共振现象,桩基响应幅值最大; 3 )桩土刚度比越大,桩土之间的相对位移的幅值越大; 4 )桩顶固接的连接方式,可以有效地降低地震时单桩的横向地震响应。
  4. And the following conclusion was got : generally , the existence of particles would limit and retard the developing of the coherent structure of the turbulent fields ; but when the mass loading is a little high , the existence of particles would promote the developing of the turbulent field ; at the same time , the gas flow field would enhance the particles " dispersion . at this time , the interaction between the two phased would promote each other . this phenomenon is just like the " sympathetic vibration " in mechanical engineering
    认为:在一般条件下颗粒的存在会限制、迟滞流场的发展;但对于质量2002年6月?金晗辉摘要携带率较高的情况,在流场发展到一定程度以后颗粒的反作用会促进流场的发展;反之,在颗粒质量携带率较高的情况下,受颗粒反作用的气相流场又会加强颗粒在流场空间中的扩散,揭示出气粒两相相间作用在一定的颗粒质量携带率条件下存在“共振现象” 。


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