symplectic transformation中文什么意思

发音:   用"symplectic transformation"造句
  • 辛变换


  1. The most important property for hamiltonian systems is the poincare and liuville ' s conservation law of phase areas , i . e . , the phase flow is a one - parameter symplectic transformation
  2. We get the sufficient condition for the limit method to be symplectic by use of the definition of symplectic transformation . under some reasonable assumptions , the author proves that this condition is also necessary
  3. In the study of the lagrange stability of impact motion , we give some conditions of the bouncing solution of the asymptotically linear equation which is bounded or unbounded . outside of a large disc , using the symplectic transformation of the hamilton system to estimate the iteration of the successor map . applying the moser ' s small twist theorem , we get the invariant curves and then give the proof of the bouncing solutions which is bounded


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