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  1. Load pin thinfilm technologie with switching output
  2. It is mainly applied with the field of heating , air condition , ventilation , filter , anti - dust and medical technologie
  3. Fr einen in der foodbranche neuen trend , der " sip dose technologie " , wurde eine sondermaschine entwickelt
    此外,还针对食品行业的新趋势开发了一种专用机器“ sip dose ”技术。
  4. In the firm ' s opinion , the enterprise technologie gruenderzentrum jerichower land gmbh introduces itself with existence founder programs and federal facilities / community facilities
    Technologie gruenderzentrum jerichower land gmbh是一家现代化的、可靠的产品供应商,这家供应商从事生存创始人计划,共用装置,投资者照管、投资者负责,人员中介,项目管理的制造、销售。
  5. The main conclusion of course was that mind manipulating technologie does really exist , and not just causing over all symptoms , but very finetuned causing so many sensations , a million of nuances , of things i felt before , aswell things i never felt before , it was like trip of alice in wonderland , but aswell realizing a painfull truth , this really went on , and not just now , but in the past , as far i can guess out of my own experience , end sixties , begin seventies
    主要的结论,当然是精神操纵技术当然是存在的,并且不仅仅是以上症状,但能调整许多的感官,我以前所感受到的事物的一百? ?的细微差别,那是我以前从没感受到的,它像爱丽丝梦游仙境之旅,但也是一个痛苦的事实,这却是在继续,而且不仅仅是现在,而是在过去,我就可以猜想出我自己的经验, 60年代底,七十年代开始。


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