tectonic active area中文什么意思

发音:   用"tectonic active area"造句
  • 构造活动区域
  • tectonic:    adj. 1.构造的;建筑的。 2. ...
  • active:    adj. 1.活动的,有活动力的;【 ...
  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...


  1. The analysis of structural movement and expression shows that qinqi tectonic active area is a volcano - sendimentary compressional depression formed by several times of compression movement from lower proterozoic , and spreaded in the direction of north step by step till the forming of xiangshan and miboshan group in mid - later period of ordovician , bearing hardly with volcanical rock


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