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  • 遥测系统


  1. The hydrology telemetric system is an important component of informationization in the field of water conservancy
  2. After introduced the feasibility and the principle and method of using gprs cell - phone is discussed , a hydrology telemetric system based on gprs mobile phone is structured , planned , and designed , the central station and remote stations are realized , some improvement and a circuit graph of the structure of remote stations is given . finally , the main structure and some important part of system communication program is given . this dissertation also probed the cpfsk method using mcu
  3. Those communication methods used have advantages and disadvantages in those aspects , such as communication quality , adaptation condition , covering scope , geography environment , construction and working cost , real time quality , etc . in order to make the transport of hydrological information better , this dissertation introduced gsm communication methods in the hydrology telemetric system , using gprs cell - phone , by those mobile communication methods , such as gsm sms , gprs sms , gprs data service , circuit data service , tone channel , etc . this dissertation summarized the constitute of hydrology telemetric system , mobile communication methods , and compared them with those traditional methods
    现有的水情遥测通信方式有多种类型,它们在通信质量、适应条件、覆盖范围、地理环境、建设成本及运行费用、实时性等方面各有优缺点。为了更好地进行水情信息传输,本文提出一种基于gsm通信方式的水情遥测系统,通过使用gprs蜂窝电话,采用gsm短消息、 gprs短消息、 gprs数据业务、电路型数据业务和语音通道等多种移动通信方式,为水情数据的传输提供了新的解决途径。
  4. Measures were taken in structure designing to enlarge the discharging capacity of the spillway . in non - structure designing , the telemetric system was designed for forecasting the runoff and flood by monitoring the rainfall and water level of river station , and a warning system was designed to avoid downstream people from the dangerous situation of man - made flood


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