telephone rate中文什么意思

发音:   用"telephone rate"造句
  • 电话费率


  1. I have heard that the telephone rates will fall gradually
  2. Call your family at night , for night telephone rates are cheaper than day rates
  3. It can save the telephone rate , it also saves a large amount installation cost of the telephone network , circuit fee , maintenance cost and project fee , etc . it can shorten the project cycle of installing , raise the utilization ratio of networks resource of the computer , suitable for the national conditions of our country
  4. Come to visit in usa at night if having a guest , the host receives a guest being considered being block of wood courtesy behavior in pajamas ; while the family is a guest on quilt inviting to play the old friend , ought to get ready for the small gift ; during the period of the friend family is a guest on , since the long distance call needs to need to leave telephone rate when by that the host saying yes , leaving


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