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  • 坦普尔


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  1. No . i did what were necessary i should do . i hoped that i would be in that temple the next morning
  2. Ultra is really fierce because of this ~ looks like the greek temple the pillar ~ really ~ really dad ~ you look at this
    橘子:因为这个真的超厉害的嘛~就好像希腊神殿的柱子~ ~真的~真的~爸~你看一下这个
  3. Wedding parties will be able to have pictures taken in front of diana ' s temple the former summerhouse beside the lake where the princess was buried on an island
  4. In the temple the god was worshiped by the rites of puja ( reverencing a sacred being or object ) as though the worshipers were serving a great king
  5. The bixia azure cloud temple the upper temple to hold sacrificial rites for the god of mount tai . it was a group of grand ancient buidings built during the song dynasty


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