tension bar中文什么意思

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  • 拉杆
  • 拉力杆
  • tension:    n. 1.拉紧;伸张。 2.(精神、 ...
  • bar:    n. 1.棒,杆,条;棒状物。 2. ...
  • diagonal tension bar:    斜向抗拉钢筋


  1. Each supporting bracket consists of two halves , stressed together by means of tension bars
  2. This company specialized production colored book bag tension bar , the travel bag tension bar and so on , presently gradually develops all day long the productivity 20000 sets of tension bars , simultaneously provides the tension bar for the customer binds the service
  3. Here the hsc of sompa is achieved through adding super - effective water reducer , fined slag and silicon fume , and decreasing the water / cement ratio . by varying the area ( spacing ) of tension bars , compressive bars , vertical links and distribution steel and embedding steel fiber and polypropylene fiber we try to improve the behaviors of reinforced high performance concrete one - way spanning slabs in bending , so that its ductility be greater than 5 . with the same arrangement of steel the width of bending member is varied to observe the effect of the width / depth ratio on the ultimate compressive strain of concrete
    通过变化受拉筋含筋率和受压筋、箍筋(钩筋、分布筋)含量,或掺加纤维使之成为钢纤维高强混凝土( sfrhsc )和聚丙烯纤维高强混凝土( pfrhsc ) ,对高强混凝土双筋截面梁、板的受弯性能进行了试验研究,试图改善高强混凝土受弯构件的延性,使其延性比大于5 ;并在相同配筋情况下,通过变化截面宽度,研究了高强混凝土受弯构件的宽高比对压区混凝土极限应变的影响;并对试验构件的裂缝发展情况进行了观测。


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