terminal charges中文什么意思

发音:   用"terminal charges"造句
  • 上货[卸货]费。


  1. The catv charge and control system is mainly composed of the management software 、 the header data modulator and the terminal charge and control equipment . i am responsible for design catv charge and control equipment and test system . the header data modulator is used to encrypt the control single from computer and transmit it into the appointed frequency . the terminal charge and control equipment demodulate out the control single from data modulator and transmit it to the addressing control part , where the demodulated fsk single is received and well - handled by the cpu unit , decode the unauthorized signals and deliver it to the shut point , shut point make use of capability of wideband anf characteristic of shut , then the signal of illegal customer will be turn off and vice versa , the legal customer can receive the normal signal


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