the copyright act中文什么意思

发音:   用"the copyright act"造句
  • 著作权法
  • copyright:    n. 版权,著作权 (copyrig ...
  • act:    n. 1.行为;举动;动作。 2.决 ...
  • copyright act:    著作权法案


  1. The best ways quot; the copyright act of cpc quot; agrees with editing work
  2. On one aspect , through long - term judicial precedent , the united states has been tallied up three types of liability for copyright infrigement by isps , they are direct copyright liability , contributory copyright liability , and vicarious copyright liability ; on the other aspect , title ii of the dmca adds a new section 512 to the copyright act to create five limitations on liability for copyright infringement by isps , which is called “ safe harbors ” , finding out an understanding to definitely break for the problem of beneficial equilibrium in copyright protection , which has already perplexed educational circles for a long time
    在isp著作权侵权的责任类型方面,美国经过长期的司法判例实践,总结了直接侵权责任、辅助侵权责任和替代侵权责任三种;在isp著作权侵权的责任限制方面,美国的dmca在其第二部分规定了五种“安全港” ,为长期以来困扰学界的著作权保护利益平衡问题找到了解决的突破口。


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