the holy mother中文什么意思

发音:   用"the holy mother"造句
  • 圣母颂
  • holy:    adj. 1.神圣的;神的;供神用的 ...
  • mother:    n. 醋母(= mother of ...
  • holy mother:    王母娘娘


  1. The holy mother of smolensk another corrected
    “斯摩棱斯克圣母。 ”
  2. Our defender the holy mother of iversky
  3. Soldiers and peasants came running down bareheaded to meet it , overtaking pierre . they are bringing the holy mother
  4. And with the help of the holy mother of god we will again , says the citizen , clapping his thigh
    “在天主圣母的帮助下,咱们会振作起来的, ” “市民”拍着他的大腿说, “咱们那些空空荡荡的港口又会变得满满当当。


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