the lodger中文什么意思

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  • 寄宿人


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  1. "how dare you then," said the lodger .
  2. At his command , " bring in the clan , " andy departed to go the round of the rooms for the lodgers
    他一声令下“把那伙人请来” ,那两人便到各个房间去叫人。
  3. " come here , you impudent rascal , " was the lodger ' s answer as he re - entered his room
    “进来,你这个莽撞的流氓! ”在他重新回到他的房间里时,他来了这样一个回答。
  4. Rge therefore heard for the first time that the lodger s name was lucien ; still , as he was the very perfection of a door - keeper , he made up his mind not to tell his wife
  5. The author concludes that the various sta ' tes have adopted a prudent attitude towards the operation of retrial system by restricting the causes for its initiation to a few occasions and the lodger of such appeal to the grieved party only


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