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  1. The university of adelaide
  2. Qing huang has a masters in project management and masters in electrical engineering from the university of adelaide , australia
  3. He has been working for teletraffic research center at the university of adelaide as a researcher and analyst programmer since end of 2005
  4. " this will provoke debate , because the idea that the sense of position is mostly the result of the sensory receptors is well - entrenched , " says timothy miles , a physiologist at the university of adelaide , australia , who is independent of the study
    澳大利亚阿德莱德大学生理学者逖墨西?迈尔斯与该项研究无关,他说: “这会引起争论,因为‘位置感主要来源于感受器’的观点也根深蒂固了。 ”
  5. According to a study published in may by the university of adelaide in australia involving 1 , 000 women undergoing ivf , those who received acupuncture were twice as likely to give birth as those who were given a placebo needle treatment
    澳大利亚阿德莱德大学今年5月发表了一份以1 , 000名正接受试管婴儿胚胎植入术治疗的妇女为研究对象的报告,发现其中接受针灸治疗的妇女的受孕几率要比仅接受安慰式针灸治疗的妇女高一倍。


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