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  • 转化体
  • 转化细胞


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  1. The fermentation liquid of the transformant
  2. In contrast , most of the pollen grains in the non - transformant have plump shape and were stained into red color uniformly
    转正向表达载体在烟草正常花粉粒的百分比较对照植株降低了42 。
  3. The transformant would flower in 8 to 10 weeks , sometimes under in vitro culture , after the leave dies was infected by agrobacterium tumefaciens
    转化植株从浸染起8 - 10周可以开花,甚至在培养瓶中即可完成其生活史。
  4. And another change was that the spore of the transformant was difficult to release , p3a was not useful in genetically engineered strain construction in this way
    此外, pcr扩增发现转化子比出发菌ybt - 1520多了cry1ab的特异带, sds - page电泳证实cry1ab的存在。
  5. Confirmation of transformant . integration of sag - ipt into chrysanthemum genome was confirmed in two thirds of the putative tansgenic plantlet be pcr amplification
    通过pcr扩增表明,转基因植株中可以检测出有目的基因( ipt基因)的存在,目的基因已成功地插入菊花的基因组中。


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