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  • 三角测量基线


  1. The famous algorithms include roam , vdpm , adaptive triangulation based quadtree and the improved algorithms of them , etc . however , the improvement of the present algorithms mainly focus on the selection of data structure which can speed up generation of the tmrm , few works were put into ameliorating the simplification criterion , hi fact , the simplification criterions used by the algorithms at present are constructed with only two elements which are the distance the vertex from the viewpoint and the roughness of terrain expressed by z coordinate
    地形多分辨率模型的生成算法种类较多,著名的有:自适应优化格网算法( roam ) 、基于视点的累进格网法( vdpm ) ,基于四叉树的自适应剖分算法以及基于各算法的各种改进算法等等。但目前人们对算法的更新及改进主要是从数据结构的角度来考虑,对简化准则没有做实质性的改进。


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