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  • triple:    adj. 三倍的,三重的,三层的;三 ...
  • bond:    n. 〔废语〕农奴;奴隶。 adj. ...
  • terminal triple bond:    末端三键
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  1. The triple bond does not usually react so vigorously at a carbon-carbon double bond .
  2. The results of rrs demonstrated cds nanoparticles have no influence on the double and triple bonds . the photoluminous measurement showed that cds nanoparticles caused the luminous bands become weak and the red shift
  3. The preparation of gold electrode of double layers and the spectroscopic and electrochemical studies when it was incubated with bacteria : cv measurement demonstrated that the defect content within the double layer gradually decreased during the incubation , sers showed that the film structure became order during the incubation and the bands of double and triple bonds shifted toward high wavenumber , too
  4. On the basis of it , - a isotherms were analyzed at different ph 、 temperature 、 molar fraction of mpda and the optimal condition were obtained the preparation of polydiacetylene monolayers and the studies of its spectroscopic properties : the mpda / pda monolayers were irritated by 254nm uv - lamp for 20 seconds and the sensitive monolayers were produced . the uv - vis spectra showed that the recognition between mannose and e . colik12 is specific . the results of the rrs confirmed that the bands of double < wp = 7 > and triple bonds simultaneously shifted toward high wavenumber and its electrical structure of the backbone changed from acetylene to butatriene
    - a曲线的结果表明:双炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )是混溶的。在此基础之上,我们又对亚相处于不同温度、不同ph值时和双炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )二者以不同比例混合时的- a曲线进行了详细的分析,从而确定了双炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )成膜的最佳条件。


A triple bond in chemistry is a chemical bond between two chemical elements involving six bonding electrons instead of the usual two in a covalent single bond. The most common triple bond, that between two carbon atoms, can be found in alkynes.


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