trusted program中文什么意思

发音:   用"trusted program"造句
  • 受托程序
  • trust:    n. 1.信任,信赖 (in)。 2 ...
  • be trusted with:    被委托办理
  • trusted:    受信任(的); 特拉斯特德


  1. Be extremely careful if your trusted program will share a directory with potentially untrusted users
  2. For example , a trusted program could create a file in such a directory , and an untrusted user could delete and rename
  3. Among the implemented security modules in knumen , are well known ones , like mac , acl and audit modules , as well as specially designed ones , like important process protection and trusted program authorization modules
    在knumen的安全模块中,既有实现普通安全功能的模块,如mac模块、 acl模块、审计模块等,也有负责完成特殊安全功能的模块,如重要进程保护模块和可信进程授权模块。


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