trustee de son tort中文什么意思

发音:   用"trustee de son tort"造句
  • 无权受托人
  • trustee:    n. 受信托人,受托人;保管人;受托 ...
  • de:    de2 〔法语〕 = of from ...
  • son:    n. 1.儿子;〔pl.〕后裔,子孙 ...
  • tort:    n. 【法律】侵权行为。


    A trustee de son tort is a person who may be regarded as owing fiduciary duties by a course of conduct that amounts to a wrong, or a tort. Accordingly, a trustee de son tort is not a person who is formally appointed as a trustee, but one who assumes such a role, and then cannot be heard to argue that he did not owe fiduciary duties.


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