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  1. The seller shall sell and deliver to the buyer _ _ units of products , each unit to contain _ _ kilograms of product
  2. Lastly , product modeling method based on drawing cell object are presented , in which method , the drawing cell is the basic unit of product modeling and it guarantees a good information heredity and variability . 3
    3 )提出了基于图元对象的产品建模方法,该方法以图元作为产品建模的基本单元,有效的保证了产品信息的继承性和变异性。
  3. Wenzhou nanxing industry qquipment co . , ltd . ( wenzhou lucheng nanhua weld qequipment factory ) , establish one is it is it install equipment to paint to specialize in on 1989 , shoes machine equipment , produce full - automatic series bake dishes of assembly line , series is it put up production line , serial high low temperature , fuel , electric heat drier , serial environmental protection gush out platform unit of product to load with
  4. With 12 , 000 , 000 yuan fixed assets and more than 100 staffs . the technological management staffs at least graduated from junior college are more than 20 , and the processing equipments are fine and complete . with hight - quality products , good credit , this comany has been elected as " contract keeping credit dependable " unit of products quality assurance . and the products have been elected as the satisfying products by yantai city consumer association for 3 years . we have strict system of quality management and perfect after - sales service system . the products have good fame and the fruit bag machines are sold all over the country and are exported to korea
    加工工艺先进,凭借优良的产品良好的信誉,多年来一直被评为“重合同守信用企业” 。产品质量保证单位,产品连续三年被烟台市消费者协会评为消费者满意产品。我们还具备严格的质量管理体系和完善的售后服务体系,产品有较高的知名度,果袋机畅销全国各地,并出口到韩国。
  5. Abstract : it advances an idea that transaction is the basic unit of product design activities , and sets up transaction model as an object - oriented representation for design goal , personnel , document objects , resources , constraints and statas . the model is integrated for product and process . it introduces the prerelease mechanism of collaborative design and triggering mechanism of related transaction also


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