unload chute中文什么意思

发音:   用"unload chute"造句
  • unload:    vt. 1.从…卸下货载;卸下(货载 ...
  • chute:    n. 1.奔流,急流,瀑布;射水路。 ...
  • by chute:    通过斜槽
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  1. The coal unloading chute is a kind of the underground reinforced concrete box structure . the main beam of coal unloading chute being made skew , this kind of structure has been the first time in domestic
  2. The calculation results of deformation and internal force have been obtained , with which the experimental results are compared . finally , based on the experimental study and theoretical analysis , with the reference of practical calculation method given by related code of concrete structure in time , the practical calculation method and the design suggestion of coal unloading chute with skew beam are brought forward . the method is both reasonable and simple , and the calculated results are in good agreement with that of the experiment
  3. The load - deflection curve , the load - strain curve , earth pressure and distribution of sub - grade contact pressure under concentrated load , moving load and load at the side of the coal unloading chute respectively are obtained and discussed ; the whole process from cracking to failure are studied


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