vacuum pump oil中文什么意思

发音:   用"vacuum pump oil"造句
  • vacuum pump:    真空泵,真空抽气机。
  • oil:    n. 1.油;油类;油状物〔一般是不 ...
  • oil vacuum pump:    润滑油真空泵; 油真空泵
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  1. Explosive , corrosive to ferrous metal , chemical reactive with vacuum pump oil
  2. Airox zs is a premium vacuum pump oil manufactured from high vi base stocks after special water removed treatment combined with oxidation , rust inhibitors and other additives
  3. Changes of the longitudinal and transversal wave velocities in different directions and the rock velocity anisotropy as a function of confining pressure have been studied under laboratory ultrasonic frequency for shale and sandstone with marked foliation , which had been saturated by the fluids with different viscosity kerosene and vacuum pump oil and salinity distilled water , 50000
    利用不同黏度煤油和真空泵油不同矿化度蒸馏水50mg l和150mg l的nacl溶液的流体对页岩和具有明显层理的砂岩进行饱和,在实验室超声频率下研究样品不同方向纵横波速度以及各向异性参数


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