ventilating air中文什么意思

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  • 通风风流
  • 新鲜空气
  • ventilate:    vt. 1.使通风,使换气;给…装置 ...
  • air:    n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空 ...
  • air ventilating fan:    排气风扇


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  1. Ventilating air purification system of bulk carrier engine room
  2. And physical volume that inflation , equal to after the inflation originally physical volume of 8 - 20 times . from but made that material increase the ventilate air and the bibulous ability
    其在加热过程中水分迅速失去,并膨胀,膨胀后的体积相当于原来体积的8 - 20倍。从而使该物质增加了通气孔隙和保水能力。
  3. 3 . about horticultural vermiculite , its main function to increase the ventilate air and the bibulous ability . because of usage time that vermiculite is breakable , along with the extension of time usage , easily make lie the quality fine
  4. The system had the advantages of simple control , few peripheral , high performance and low price , which would meet the demands of general purpose inverter , and the inverters using in hvac ( heating ventilating air conditioning ) sysytem .
  5. The shanghai china rope draft equipment limited company is located shanghai fengxian area shanghai and hangzhou road 3 , 352 is specialized devotes to the well ventilated air regenerating device scientific research , the manufacture , the trade to a body joint capital enterprise


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