ventilating ducts中文什么意思

发音:   用"ventilating ducts"造句
  • 通风沟
  • ventilate:    vt. 1.使通风,使换气;给…装置 ...
  • duct:    n. 1.管,导管,输送管;槽,沟, ...
  • ducts:    通风管道


  1. Obtained independent intellectual property and various patents with its advanced products . the composite glass wool ventilating duct produced by tangbo count to the best environmental protecting products with centrifugal micro glass
  2. Shanghai tangbo technology industrial co . ltd is a high - tech enterprise , specialized in research and development , as well as production , sales and installation of tb series composite glass wool ventilating duct
  3. Shanghai tangbo composite ventilating duct co . ltd . is a joint venture between shanghai tangbo technology industrial co . ltd and german alfa engineering co . ltd , which combines both partiesstrength in technology and
  4. Shanghai tangbo ventilating duct co . ltd produces an annual turnout of composite glass wool board over millions of square meters . its production capacity , technical equipments , and variety of products have taken leading position


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