vital centre中文什么意思

发音:   用"vital centre"造句
  • vital:    adj. 1.生命的;维持生命所必需 ...
  • centre:    n. 1.中心;中心点;圆心;中央; ...
  • be vital to:    对...极端重要; 对…重要; 对… ...
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  1. At the time of the fukien incident , two months after the commencement of our fifth counter - campaign , the main forces of the red army should undoubtedly have thrust into the kiangsu - chekiang - anhwei - kiangsi region , with chekiang as the centre , and swept over the length and breadth of the area between hangchow , soochow , nanking , wuhu , nanchang and foochow , turning our strategic defensive into a strategic offensive , menacing the enemy ' s vital centres and seeking battles in the vast areas where there were no blockhouses


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