wharf apron中文什么意思

发音:   用"wharf apron"造句
  • 码头前沿


  1. There is a serious sediment deposition in the wharf apron of an alongshore pile wharf
  2. Analysis results show that the main factor of sediment deposition is the decrease of flow velocity in the wharf apron caused by pile resistance effects
  3. Based on the in - situ measured data of water depth and results of physical model tests and mathematic model calculation , the influencing factors on the sediment deposition in the wharf apron after construction of wharfs are analyzed taking the wharfs in waigaoqiao port in the yangtze river estuary as an example
    以长江口外高桥港区码头?例,根据现场实测水深资料, ?结合物理模型试验及数学模型计算的结果,分析建码头后影响码头前沿泥沙回淤的因素。


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