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  1. Combining the theory with the practice , the thesis realize the design of automatic test system uav wireless data link system , the thesis finish the system software and the software of test transmitter of the system
  2. It is used all of this to form a utility automatic test system . aiming at needs of the applications , the thesis introduce the uav wireless data link system and it ' s test target firstly , and then introduce the knowledge of the automatic test system
  3. For the data link system is very important to the uav system , the thesis analysis and brings forward the capability target of the uav wireless data link system . based on this , the thesis brings forward a automatic test system which connects the test instrument with computer with gpib interface
  4. We studied many methods to improve the tcp / ip in wireless environment , such as tcp / ip initial slow start algorithm , initial window and retransmission time out ( rto ) estimate . finally , we consider the round - trip time ( rtt ) with the physical layer and the transfer layer combined together . physical layer using rtt related to the channel state and transfer layer using the constant rtt , the interference between the two layers can be eliminated , and so the effectiveness of the wireless data link can be enhanced
    研究了tcp ip的慢速启动算法、初始窗口、重传超时估计以及改善无线tcp ip性能的各种方法,提出了一种把物理层链路和传输层相结合处理往返时间( rtt )的方法:物理层链路采用与信道相关的动态rtt ,传输层采用常数rtt ,消除了两层rtt之间的相互干扰,从而提高了无线链路的利用率。


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