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  • 盐田港简介


  1. Yict is the only port of call in mainland china for the said mega - vessels
  2. It is understood that super mega - vessels from all over the world have chosen to call at yict for its excellent natural geographic advantages , state - of - the - art terminal facilities and outstanding handling capabilities
  3. Another world ' s largest container vessel calls at yantian in 60 days on 14 december 2006 , yict welcomed “ estelle maersk ” , another largest container vessel in the world , in succession to her sister “ emma maersk ” , which called at yict only two months ago
    继两个月前全球最大的集装箱船“艾玛-马士基”号成功挂靠盐田, 2006年12月14日盐田国际集装箱码头再度迎来另一艘全球最大的集装箱船“埃斯特尔-马士基”号。
  4. In the section of the case analysis , the author applies the strategically analytical tool of swot to analyze the current advantages of the recourses , the macroscopically external circumstance , and the competition in the markets . besides , the author puts forward the developing strategies , the strategic goal and the relevant measures to reach the goal basing on the circumstance and the recourses of yict
  5. In the main body of the case text , the author introduces the developing process of the yict ( yantian international container terminal limited ) firstly . meanwhile the author focuses on the achievements of the yict during the past years . what ' s more , the author analyzes the problem and the main rivals during the development of the yict so that the readers can have a deeper comprehension of the yict , together with the context and the developing direction of the whole container terminal industry


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