you know me better than that中文什么意思

发音:   用"you know me better than that"造句
  • 你知道的,我会比那一切都美好
  • you:    pron. 〔sing., pl.〕 ...
  • know:    vt. 1.知道;了解,懂得。 2. ...
  • me:    pron. 1.〔I 的宾格〕我〔把 ...
  • better:    n. 打赌的人。
  • than:     He has no ot ...
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...


  1. You know me better than that
  2. What the hell are you talking about ? l hope you know me better than that
  3. I think you know me better than that . - i know you too well , johnny boy
    -我以为你清楚我的为人. -我太清楚你了,强尼小子


    "You Know Me Better Than That" is the title of a song written by Anna Lisa Graham and Tony Haselden, and recorded American country music artist George Strait. It was released in June 1991 as the second single from his 1991 album Chill of an Early Fall.


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