• flattening


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  1. calls for widening the road and flattening its hills and valleys.
  2. Tanks then shelled the house, flattening it and killing Jarrar.
  3. Even the housing market is beginning to show signs of flattening.
  4. "Flattening ( the organization ) did a couple of things.
  5. Stewart went through the backstretch grass, flattening all four tires.
  6. The wicket kept on flattening out as the Test match progressed.
  7. Geodesists, by convention, use the semimajor axis and flattening.
  8. Jumbo Elliott is not flattening pass rushers the way he once did.
  9. Someone asked Means if he would relish flattening Deion Sanders.
  10. Dozens of workers were flattening pine trees in the woods.


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