• goatsbeard


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  1. With plants like common dandelion and goatsbeard, all aboveground parts of the plant were sometimes eaten.
  2. One area is grazed by cattle and sheep, which is helping to bring back wildflowers such as goatsbeard.
  3. At 6 weeks of age, goatsbeard reached its peak in the diet and sego lily was found in greatest volume a week later.
  4. The flowers are like that of Goatsbeard " Tragopogon pratensis ", but are larger and dull purple, 30-50mm across.
  5. They include western goat's beard, wild oysterplant, yellow salsify, yellow goat's beard, meadow goat's beard, goat's beard, goatsbeard, common salsify, or salsify.
  6. "Albugo tragopogonis " is the old but illegitimate name for " Pustula obtusata ", the causal agent of white blister disease on goatsbeard ( " Tragopogon " spp . ).
  7. The list of favorite summer bloomers for shade include astilbe and its giant white relative goatsbeard, plus cimicifuga, whose tall white wands are called fairy candles, and especially the highly sought-after purple-leaved variety, C . Atropurpurea.
  8. Some of the more common species of " Tragopogon " are known, in the regions where they are most common, by the common names goat's beard, goatsbeard, salsify, or common salsify, without further qualification.
  9. Thus goatsbeards ( " Tragopogon " species ) have heads of bisexual florets, like other members of the tribe Cichorieae, whereas marigolds ( " Calendula " species ) generally have heads with the outer florets bisexual and the inner florets staminate ( male ).
  10. ""'Tragopogon dubius " "'( "'yellow salsify "', "'western salsify, western goat's-beard, wild oysterplant, yellow goat's beard, goat's beard, goatsbeard, common salsify, salsify "') is a species of introduced into North America where it has become widespread, being reported from all the continental United States except for a few in the far south-east, and all provinces of Canada except Newfoundland and the northern territories.


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